Tree of Life Flamed Wall Art


Attention to detail is given on this dramatic 24 inch raised tree of life wall art disc. This stunning work of art can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Use this beautiful piece of wall art to create a focal point on a porch, deck, or patio wall.

Material: Steel
Dimensions in inches: 24L x 1.75W x 24H


  • Personal Growth
  • Redemption
  • Protection
  • Generosity
  • Strength
  • Wisdom
  • Bounty
  • Beauty
  • Family
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Our collection of nature-inspired gifts and accessories for the home and garden is created using natural materials and eco-friendly principles.  Each piece is individually handcrafted to create an item that is handsome, built to last, and of good value. Made by artisans that use sustainable, organic, natural, and biodegradable resources, such as wood, clay, iron, copper, stone, and brass.

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