Redwood Mason Bee Lodge


Watch your garden grow when you attract mason bees to your yard and garden areas! These beneficial little pollinators are unable to tunnel holes for their nests, so they rely on existing holes to use and our beautifully handcrafted Mason Bee Lodge gives them the perfect nesting site. Mason bees are peaceful pollinators that are not susceptible to the mites and viruses that have plagued the honey bee population. Give these docile little bees a home and they will certainly return the favor with lots of productive pollination for your flowers and vegetable gardens!

  • Artfully handcrafted from durable, recycled redwood.
  • Complete instructions included.
  • Attracts pollinating Mason bees to your garden.
  • Durable, recycled redwood Removable back; easy to clean
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 5″W x 6″D x 11″H
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