Flamed Copper Hummingbird Staked Rain Gauge


Bring a touch of charm and a birding hint to your weather monitoring with this Flamed Copper Hummingbird Staked Rain Gauge. The adorable hummingbird figure, with its lengthy beak and outstretched wings, brings a nature inspired look to this piece, and its flamed copper tones will blend beautifully with your garden. The ring within the hummingbird’s wings holds a glass vial, which captures rain drops. Its large, black demarcations indicate 1” to 5” of rain, contrasting the copper hues of the hummingbird for quick visibility. Attach the included, 10.5” long, metal stake to the port on the back of the bird, so you may place the item within your yard or garden with ease. The glass vial may be removed from its support ring when full, or to record different days of rain. Artfully handcrafted this rain gauge will be a wonderful addition to your garden for many seasons. Comes gift boxed

Material: Copper and Glass
Dimensions: 6.5”W x 1.125”D x 13.75”H

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Our collection of nature-inspired gifts and accessories for the home and garden is created using natural materials and eco-friendly principles.  Each piece is individually handcrafted to create an item that is handsome, built to last, and of good value. Made by artisans that use sustainable, organic, natural, and biodegradable resources, such as wood, clay, iron, copper, stone, and brass.

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