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Fall Gardening Tips and Ideas

Just because summer will soon come to an end, that does not mean that we cannot still enjoy our gardens! In fact, some would say that fall is the most beautiful and enchanting season of them all, it is the perfect season to build an outdoor kitchen to create a convenient and beautiful area for cooking delicious meals for your family and friends. Here are some gardening tips and ideas from garden design Melbourne to help you make sure that you make the most of your garden this Fall and do not let it fade with the hot summer sun:

Planting Ideas for Fabulous Fall Foliage

Which plants are the best for your garden will depend on where you live. But even if you do not live in an area where the leaves on the trees change then you can still be a leaf peeper in your own garden, if you need a way to get rid of the leaves in the floor, you might want to buy the best cordless leaf blower. All you have to do is make sure that you choose an interesting range of plants, with different colors and textures and accentuate them with a range of lovely garden features. Acers or Japanese Maples will grow in a range of climates when care is taken to site them correctly and these or another signature tree could really brighten up your outside space. If you are not looking to plant anything new right now, perhaps you could brighten up your space with a garden ornament or two instead. A Fiesta Waterfall Chime or some Rustic Metal Garden Art would certainly bring those red and russet brown tones into your garden.

The Best Flowers for the Fall

There are plenty of flowers that will bloom well into the fall. Selecting them is simply a case of thinking about which ones you personally like best, as well, of course, as determining which will grow well in your garden and in the area where you live. Consider native flowers as these will be best for bringing in the later season bees and other beneficial creatures. Why not keep hold of the sun with Helianthus and Heliopsis? These two perennial sunflower options will be reliable year after year. Chrysanthemums are another perennial option, at least in southern climes. Eupatorium may often be considered a common weed, but in many gardens, it can look great as the back of a border. Their flowers blend in wonderfully in a Fall garden. Visit https:/wildtree.co/ for strategy on keeping deer on your land.

Vegetables to Sow and Grow in the Fall

If you live in the south you may be able to grow vegetables in your garden all year round. Further north, however, the options become more limited at this time of the year. The pumpkins could be ripening, the corn could be high and soon, the cold nights will draw in and there will be far less to do in the vegetable patch. If you would like to prolong the fun and feed your family throughout the winter, there are still some things you can grow. Kale and collards offer some hardy options and many Asian greens such as mizuna and mibuna can survive fairly low temperatures. Garlic can also survive winter frosts and will be ready to harvest by June next year. In hotter climes, Fall could perhaps be your chance to grow cooler climate crops such as broccoli and cauliflower and manage to grow leafy lettuce crops without it bolting. If in doubt about what the weather will do, why not get some containers and then you will be able to quickly more tender plants indoors if bad weather or low temperatures threaten. Make sure you use waterproof pull on work boots when you are working outside to avoid messing up new shoes.

Tips For Handling Your Fall Fruit Harvest

The Fall can be a time of abundance in orchards and fruit tree-filled gardens. Make sure you do not waste the yield from your fruit trees. If a neighbor has a tree they do not or cannot harvest from, why not offer to help out with the fruit picking in return for a share of the harvest. You could even offer to make some preserves to share around the community. Make the most of all fruit trees by learning a few simple preserve recipes. There are plenty of great jellies, chutneys, and pickles to make that will help avoid food going to waste. Not got the time? Surely someone else will, so ask around. We recommend asking a certified arborist edmonton to give you more insight on the best season to harvest your fruits and vegetables and how to increase the production.

How To Make the Most of Your Garden as the Days Get Shorter

In the Fall, the days grow shorter and it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to spend in your garden, either working or simply relaxing. Make sure you can still get out in the garden after you get home from work by installing some beautiful and practical solar lights. Why not light your way and entice the wildlife with a set of Solar Pagoda Accent Light or a Garden Gate Solar Lantern There are plenty of ways to light the night garden to make it possible to enjoy it for longer. You can also create light and atmosphere in your garden by having a real bonfire – perfect for a spooky Halloween night, perhaps? Choose a Fire Pit for a safe and beautiful blaze.

No matter where you live you can still get a lot from your garden this Fall. Make sure you are making the most of the space you have and making it as useful and as beautiful as possible!

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