Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

Summer is coming – is your garden ready for the warmest season? An outside space can be a real benefit and pleasure for home owners. But is your garden the best it can be? Make sure that you are ready for the warmest part of the year with some of the really cool garden stuff we have for you this year. Your garden design should make the most of your space. Ensure that your garden is practical, productive, comfortable and beautiful and be a good guardian for your land.

Get Growing

One of the most important things in any garden is a well-thought out and attractive planting scheme. It is not too late to establish an edible garden. One of the easiest ways to begin an edible garden is to establish a few planters, containers or pots to grow herbs, salads and a few other crops. How about the Rustic Country Wooden Barrel Planter, or the Rustic Wishing Well Planter, now 25% off, for a whimsical and charming effect in your garden.

There are plenty more decorative pots and planters that will mean that your garden can be beautiful as well as providing some food for your household. There are many crops that can easily be grown, even in small spaces and you can plant lettuce seeds, or radishes this month and be eating the cut and come again leaves or small bulbs within as little as six weeks or even less.

Make your garden more sustainable by making full use of all the natural, renewable resources to aid your growing endeavors. How about making the most of the rain that falls on your property with a lovely Lily Cup Rain Chain, which can be used to channel water to where it is needed.

Sit Out

You can continue your journey to a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of life this summer with some solar lighting. How about the Shades of Green Hanging Solar Gazing Globe, now 20% off, or the Solar Mushroom Stake Light. Solar lighting like these and the other fun and unique examples we offer will make it easier for you to enjoy your outdoor space long into the balmy evenings.

Sitting outside in your garden is one of the best possible ways to enjoy the long summer nights. Make sure that your garden is ready for those summer evenings by creating a seating area that you can really be proud of. Of course your planting schemes around a seating area will help to create a wonderful ambiance.

You can further enhance your outdoors rooms by thinking not only about the sights and smells of your garden, which can be enhanced with the use of fragrant plants – lilac, roses, jasmine, aromatic herbs… but also with a new soundscape. To delight the ears as well as the eyes and the nose, enhance your garden with one of our wonderful wind chimes. Gardeners could choose the My Butterfly Chime, the Habitats Hummingbird Wind chime or, for a traditional feel, the Classic Amazing Grace Wind chime. These will all create a pleasing soundscape that will melt with the natural sounds of birdsong and rustling leaves in your outside space.

Attract Wildlife

You and your family and friends are not the only ones who should be enjoying your garden. As keen gardeners should already know, attracting wildlife to your garden will benefit you and your plants as well as creating interest. There are many ways, as we move into summer, that you can ensure that your garden is wildlife friendly.

Create a garden pond, plant trees and shrubs, leave wild corners and brush piles to shelter the creatures which call your garden home. Birds are an import cog in the ecology of a garden. Make your garden a pleasant place for our feathered friends by placing a bird feeder appropriate to the birds where you live. How about a Patina Blue Swirl Bird Feeder, or an Elegant Copper & Glass Hummingbird Feeder, for example? There are plenty of examples to choose from.

Check out all the really cool garden stuff on offer and make sure you can welcome the sun and celebrate it with beautiful garden ornaments such as Mosaic Sea Glass Gem Gazing Ball , or harness the power of the wind with the Galaxy Kinetic Wind Spinner Stake. An organic, natural garden can also show human creativity. In summer, your garden should be growing strong. Make sure it is not only productive but is also a space that you love to spend time in. Health, wealth and happiness can all be found in a well-designed and attractive garden.

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