Cool Garden Ideas and Garden Decorations

I love the Spring and Summer months. The air is warmer; the days are longer and I can spend more time outdoors in my backyard garden enjoying nature. Besides planting beautiful flowers and a bountiful vegetable garden; I also love watching the hummingbirds as they buzz to their favorite nectar feeders for an afternoon snack. Sometimes I listen while the wind chimes play a tune in the warm Summer breeze, and the tranquil flow of the backyard water fountain runs near by.  As evening sets in, the garden landscape illuminates with glowing solar mushroom lights and strings of glowing lanterns and bright star lights.

It’s the perfect time of year for us to go outdoors and do a little decorating to create our own special outdoor spaces.  If you’re looking for fun and functional ways to decorate your yard, garden, deck, porch and patio this season… Check out some of the coolest garden decorations and accessories around!

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