When live gives you lemons …

Our little lemon tree out back is just bursting with a bounty of beautiful sunny yellow lemons this season! We’ve already juiced several batches, and stored them in our freezer in quart size freezer bags. Ten to twelve lemons per bag is perfect for making one gallon of delicious homemade lemonade. Instead of using a ton of sugar, we like to sweeten our lemonade with liquid stevia. We were a bit skeptical about trying stevia at first, but were pleasantly surprised, since it didn’t leave us with that unpleasant artificial sweetener after taste. If you’re trying to cut back on your sugar intake like we are, we recommend trying it (if you haven’t already), you just might like it.
So now, what else can we make with all these wonderful lemons? Let’s see, there’s lemon cake, lemon cookies, lemon chicken, lemon garlic mashed potatoes, lemon….
What Are Some Of Your Favorite Ways To Use Lemons?

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