Attracting Birds and Other Wildlife To Your Garden

Successful gardeners know the importance of diversity in their gardens and always do their best to attract birds and other wildlife, with the help of Olathe pest control they are able to keep away unwanted species and bring the wildlife you want.

Compassionate Planting

Gardens are at their best when filled with an abundance of native plants and wildlife. One way to encourage native species, feathered and otherwise, and to make sure you have the insect life to pollinate your plants, is to plant in a way that is beneficial to them. Compassionate planting can attract, feed and shelter wildlife as well as create a garden that human inhabitants can enjoy.

Happy, Healthy Habitats

According to this fort Lauderdale exterminator, a healthy garden ecosystem will look beautiful and support a wealth of life. By feeding your soil, choosing a careful combination of plants, and taking care of non-human garden inhabitants, gardeners can create charming outdoor spaces. If you are having trouble with garden pests, you may call True Pest Control to help you save your plants, this commercial pest control can help you if you are not aware of what is happening to your garden.  From the soil to the treetops, a successful garden allows humans to work in harmony with the rest of nature. Composting, mulching, and other such practices will help keep everything ticking over smoothly.

Feeding The Birds

Sometimes, the creatures with whom we share our gardens need a helping hand. One of the best things gardeners can do to attract and care for birds is to make sure they have enough food throughout the year. Gardeners should choose a variety of feeders to beautify their gardens and care for specific native species.

A standing platform bird feeder like the delightful Verdigris Gazebo Standing Bird Feeder or the Red Barn Bird Feeder – Birdhouse will cater to a range of bird species.

A hanging bird feeder such as the patented Spiral Finch Tube Bird Feeder can aid birds that can cling on to feed. This can allow you to attract smaller birds and prevent larger species from eating everything you put out.

It is important to think about the specific needs of your native birds. Fruit eaters will appreciate something like the Flower Fruit Spear Bird Feeder, while you can also consider the specific needs of species such as hummingbirds by choosing something like the Hummblossom Hummingbird Feeder.

Always choose bird feeders that look great and are also appropriate for the species you wish to encourage where you live.

Perfect Ponds

Birds will also need to drink and bathe. You can choose something like the Tiffany Inspired Hanging Glass Birdbath if space is at a premium in your garden. But to improve the biodiversity in your garden, a pond could also be a good idea. Ponds can be a great habitat for frogs and other amphibians and will make sure that there is always a source of water in your garden for passing wildlife.

Bee Hotels and Hedgerow Homes

Once you have a range of birds visiting your garden, it is time to turn your attention to attracting other beneficial creatures. Bees are excellent pollinators and you can attract them by giving them accommodation options in your garden. Buy or build a bee hotel or lodge and make sure you have thick areas of foliage or hedges for wildlife to live in and use for cover. Around the edges of your garden, leave fallen wood and piles of debris for the wildlife to enjoy.

Not only are birds and other wildlife beautiful to watch, but they will also help gardeners ensure a healthy and balanced ecosystem and keep down pests. But if you have a serious pest problem contact Phx pest control to take rid of the insects. Take the first step to a better garden by attracting birds and other wildlife into your outdoor space.

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