Birds and Wildlife

Do you love attracting wildlife to your yard? Well, you've come to the right place! Discover lots of great ways to attract more birds and wildlife to your garden. We've got bird feeders they’ll flock to, birdbaths for wetting their feathers, and birdhouses for an afternoon nap. You'll also find bee hotels for friendly pollinators and ladybug habitats for beneficial insects, and more...

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  • Hummingbird Feeders

    Shop our quality selection of Hummingbird Feeders, many are made right here in the USA, our Aspects feeders are easy to clean and guaranteed for life! Keep your feathered friends coming back for more by offering them your own homemade organic nectar - 

    Click here for recipe

  • Bird Feeders

    If you love bird watching, our bird feeders are just what you need to attract your fine feathered friends to your garden. Our bird feeders make wonderful decorations for your yard, while providing food for the hungry birds in your neighborhood. We have a variety of bird feeders to beautify your outdoor space; all are crafted and designed to maintain their good looks for many years to come.

  • Bird Baths

    Discover our decorative and functional bird baths. They'll draw flocks of your feathered friends to the garden year-round. Heated bird baths are a great option in climates with frigid winter weather. Our ground-level bird baths are especially useful for ground feeders such as robins, goldfinches, sparrows, mourning doves, grouse. quail, and more...

  • Birdhouses

    Bird houses are wonderful for attracting species of song birds to your garden year-round and make very cool decorative accents in your yard and garden spaces. Our line of bird houses are made of quality materials and are designed to be decorative, functional as well as fun!

  • Bees and Insects

    Turn your yard and garden into a safe haven for beneficial insects, bees and other pollinators. Shop our collection of bee and insect houses and bee hotels.

  • Squirrels

    Squirrels need love too! Shop our selection of fun feeders for your squirrelly backyard friends...