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Bees and Insects

Turn your yard and garden into a safe haven for beneficial insects, bees and other pollinators. Shop our collection of bee and insect houses and bee hotels.

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  • This cute little handmade Ladybug habitat will add charm to your garden. Because ladybugs do not like cedar, it is crafted out of white pine. Front ventilation and screen on inside of back for bugs to cling together during hibernation. A decorative and functional garden accent.Attracts apid eating ladybugs to your garden. Materials: Crafted of white...

  • This handcrafted decorative and functional ladybug loft provides shelter in winter and a place for ladybugs to lay their eggs. The special mulching tray assists the hatching of ladybug larvae, encouraging your ladybugs to produce the next generation. Ladybugs are known to dine on aphids, mealy bugs, and scale insects, providing a pesticide-free way of...

  • Attract beneficial bees to your yard and garden with our Solitary Bee Hotel Design. Many bee species, including the mason and orchard bees, prefer to live alone rather than in colonies, and are welcome pollinators to flower and vegetable gardens. These mild mannered bees like to nest in pre-drilled holes. They do not excavate their own holes, so offering...

  • Watch your garden grow when you attract mason bees to your yard and garden areas! These beneficial little pollinators are unable to tunnel holes for their nests, so they rely on existing holes to use and our beautifully handcrafted Mason Bee Lodge gives them the perfect nesting site. Mason bees are peaceful pollinators that are not susceptible to the...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items