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Bird houses are wonderful for attracting species of song birds to your garden year-round and make very cool decorative accents in your yard and garden spaces. Our line of bird houses are made of quality materials and are designed to be decorative, functional as well as fun!

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  • Backyard Birds Will Love This Little Birdhouse! Decorate your garden with this cute little birdhouse, it's perfect for those sweet little love-birds in your yard. The spring green wooden structure is decorated with a pitched barn red roof, a heart-shaped entryway, and a rustic wooden welcome sign.Dimensions 7.5" x 5" x 8.25" Material(s): WOOD - FIR...

  • Give the birds a patriotic perch that everyone can enjoy. The delightful design of this American birdhouse is accented with stars and stripes a white picket fence and an American flag. Hang it from your favorite tree and the birds will flock to move in. Item weight: 0.60lbsItem dimensions: 5.75 W x 8.25 H x 7.00 LMaterials: Wood - Eucalyptus

  • This fireworks shop is always open for a lucky bird to nest inside. The fun design takes all the best of the 4th of July celebration and makes a charming home for the birds. It has an American flag roof a red and white picket fence and more than one entrance for the birds. Item weight: 1.00lbsItem dimensions: 6.75 W x 7.25 H x 8.63 LMaterials: Wood -...

  • USA ahoy! This adorable wooden birdhouse looks like the most patriotic lighthouse you'll find from sea to shining sea. The tall lighthouse has 2 entrances for birds and the boat house below is decorated with a life preserver binoculars and a little boat with an American flag. Item weight: 1.00lbsItem dimensions: 5.50 W x 12.00 H x 7.75 LMaterials:...

  • School's in for a lucky family of birds in your yard! This two-story red schoolhouse has truly delightful details from its bell tower to the red bike parked by the streetlight outside. You'll enjoy it just as much as the birds! Item weight: 1.80lbsItem dimensions: 7.25 W x 10.75 H x 9.00 LMaterials: Wood - Eucalyptus

  • Hot dog! The birds will love this charming food truck that will welcome them home with bright colors. Youll love looking out on the delightful accents of this hot dog food truck as it hangs from your favorite backyard tree. Item weight: 1.20lbsItem dimensions: 7.00" W x 8.00" H x 10.25" LMaterials: Wood - Eucalyptus Plastic

  • The birds will love making a nest in this charming two-story fire station! The outside is decorated with a hose ladder and a hydrant right outside. Clean out hole on back. Item weight: 1.80lbsItem dimensions: 7.13" W x 10.25" H x 8.75" LMaterials: WoodUPC: 849179020958

  • The birds in your yard will love making this Route 66 biker bar their home! This whimsical birdhouse features all the trimmings of a smokin hot highway roadhouse complete with a motorcycle parked outside and a flame-painted roof. Clean out hole on back. Item weight: 1.20lbsItem dimensions: 7.50" W x 9.00" H x 10.25" LMaterials: WoodUPC: 849179020934

  • Enjoy the great outdoors and add a little charm to your tree with this Ranger Station birdhouse. The lofty nest features a moose cutout pine trees and a tall green ladder that the birds probably wont use to get inside this cozy cabin. Item weight: 1.60lbs Item dimensions: 7.75" W x 13.50" H x 6.25" L Materials: Wood UPC: 849179019518

  • Give the birds a grand home to call their own with this gorgeous white birdhouse. Its most charming features include a front staircase multiple entrances two separate floors a turned pedestal stand and top decorative finial. Item weight: 2.80lbsItem dimensions: 6.63" W x 27.25" H x 6.63" LMaterials: Wood - MdfUPC: 849179018801

  • It will always be happy hour in your backyard when you hang this charming birdhouse in your favorite tree. A thatched roof tops this tropical getaway complete with barstools drink special signs and a little plastic palm tree. Give the birds in your yard a tropical hideaway with this wooden hut birdhouse. The interior is empty and just waiting...

  • Heart-shaped honeymoon suite is a wonderful little love nest for any lucky couple! Rough wood construction and real moss trim add the look of a lovingly fashioned handicraft. Hole: 7/8" diameter. Loop for hanging. Weight 0.5 lb. Wood. 5 1/8" x 3 1/2" x 4 3/4" high.

Showing 1 - 12 of 61 items