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If you love bird watching, our bird feeders are just what you need to attract your fine feathered friends to your garden. Our bird feeders make wonderful decorations for your yard, while providing food for the hungry birds in your neighborhood. We have a variety of bird feeders to beautify your outdoor space; all are crafted and designed to maintain their good looks for many years to come.

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  • This beautiful Illuminated Hummingbird Feeder is made with a thick hand-blown glass base and lid, it holds up to 18 oz. of hummingbird nectar. The LED light transforms this colorful feeder into a beautiful decorative nighttime lantern for your garden or patio area.Beautiful, thick hand-blown glass base and lid Solar powered LED lighting Decorative...

  • Attract a variety of songbirds to your yard! Unique ball shape offers fun addition to backyard suet feeding. High quality, melt resistant formula contains real ingredients. Our 4 ounce Suet Balls make refilling clean and easy and fit most suet ball feeders. Whether your backyard birds go through 5 or 25 suet balls per week, we've got the refills you...

  • Help backyard birds survive the cold winter weather! Suet Balls are a nutritious high calorie food to add to your backyard bird buffet during the winter months, the extra calories provide birds with the fat stores they need to survive the cold winter nights. This covered roof suet feeder will keep seed balls dry and provide shelter for your feathered...

  • This Elegant Copper Hummingbird Feeder will add sophistication to your yard while providing a feeding stop for hummingbirds . This newly redesigned feeder has a wide mouth opening to make filling and cleaning your feeder easier than ever. The brushed copper base now comes apart into 2 pieces so that cleaning is quick and simple. Always remember to clean...

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    Attract birds to your yard and garden with this beautifully designed hanging Patina Blue Swirl Bird Feeder. Easy to fill with your feathered friends favorite seed, and cleaning is a breeze with the slide-up metal top. The hanging wire makes it easy to hang from a tree or awning. The tray and glass container hold over 11 cups of bird seed, and multiple...

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  • This adorable red squirrel is looking for a little bit of bird seed to nibble on! Add this charming statue to your yard and fill the basin with seed to welcome furry and feathered creatures alike. Item weight: 2.40lbsItem dimensions: 5.50 W x 13.00 H x 8.00 LMaterials: Polyresin

  • Give your wild friends a warm welcome with this charming bird feeder! A charming squirrel has opened the shutters of his tree house to oversee the snacks you leave out for the birds. Hang it outside your window and enjoy watching the wildlife flock to feed. Item weight: 2.40lbsItem dimensions: 5.13 W x 9.63 H x 7.38 LMaterials: Polyresin

  • With this charming outdoor accent you get an adorable sculpture for a nearby tree and the birds get a treat! This squirrel has been caught in the act of running away with a basin full of delicious morsels. This birdfeeder mounts easily to a wooden surface. Birdseeds not included. Item weight: 1.00lbsItem dimensions: 7.00" W x 13.00" H x 4.50"...

  • Let your outdoor living space bloom with nature! On top the bird feeder features a flower-shaped basin sprouting with flower buds and is held aloft by scrolling green metal stems. Below sits a basin ready to hold a pretty pot of flowers. Item weight: 4.6 lbs. 10 3/8" x 10 1/8" x 32" high; bottom planter: 12 1/8" diameter x 2 1/2" deep. Iron....

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    Check out the temperature and watch the songbirds while you're at it! Monitor your local outdoor temperatures while watching an array of songbirds enjoying mealtime visits to your garden. This exclusive design offers an easy to read thermometer, with a durable tube feeder for the birds in your neighborhood. Ideal for sunflower blends and sunflower seeds,...

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  • Birds will LOVE this patented Songbird Essentials BirdQuest Spiral Thistle Bird Feeder! More ports means more birds. Birds love to Run The Spiral instead of flying to another perch. The easy to clean- twist and clean (patent pending) easy-clean bottom comes completely off for easy cleaning. This allows you to fill from the top one time and the bottom the...

  • This handmade Flower Fruit Spear Bird Feeder is ideal for fruit feeding birds including orioles, cardinals, waxwings, scarlet tanagers, grosbeaks, mockingbirds and more. The birds in your neighborhood will flock to this fruit spear to feast on their favorite fruit treats! Apples and oranges cut in half are especially good.   Dimensions in inches: 7 x 19...

Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items